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Admin site

  • Authors do their writing and editorial process on Google Docs
  • When the writing is ready, they copy-paste it to Wordpress and tidy up before publishing
  • Authors use the Grapher admin site to create and manage charts and small datasets
  • A service called the baker generates a snapshot of the site and deploys it
  • Wordpress and the Grapher admin are hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet called live, authenticated by Gsuite login
graph TB

subgraph admin[admin site]
    grapher[grapher admin]
    wordpress[wordpress admin]
    grapher --> mysql
    wordpress --> mysql
    grapher --> baker["⚙️ baker"]
    wordpress --> baker
    baker --> mysql

baker -->|deploy| live[live site]

author(["👤 author"]) -->|manage charts| grapher
author -->|write articles| gdocs["Google Docs"]
gdocs -.->|copy paste| wordpress
  • The Typescript code powering this work is in the public owid-grapher monorepo
  • Some basic orchestration lives in the private ops repo

Last update: February 7, 2023