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Live site

  • Readers interact with a fully static published site, a snapshot of our work that functions with no backend whatsoever. The site is published to Netlify, with secondary files in S3.
  • This leads to very high performance and high uptime for the site
  • Although Netlify itself is a CDN, we also use CloudFlare on top for data resources to vastly reduce bandwidth costs to Netlify.
  • Since the site is static, this means that all interactivity is client side and all data used by the site is pre-determined at bake time, either in the snapshot sent to Netlify, or in S3.
  • Algolia is the only notable service that is not static. It provides a search API on the client.
graph TB

subgraph live[live site]
cloudflare --> netlify
cloudflare --> s3

reader(["👤 reader"]) --> browser -->|data files| cloudflare[cloudflare CDN]
browser --> netlify
browser -->|search API| algolia

Last update: February 7, 2023